餃子茶屋 あおぞら銭函3丁め

【住  所】〒047-0261 北海道小樽市銭函3丁目509-6
【営業時間】水〜日曜/11:00 〜 20:00(月火定休 ※祝日含む)

English information
Gyouza-chaya Aozora zenibako 3chome
【Address】509-6, zenibako 3chome, Otaru Hokkaido
【Open】 from Wednesday to Sunday / 11: 00〜20:00
【Close】 Mondays and Tuesdays * Including holidays
* May close temporarily or close during business hours due to sold out.

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English information
・There are four steps from 10-20 cm height in front of the entrance, but there is a handrail on the left toward the door.
・There is a 13 cm rise in the entrance, take off your shoes and enter.

・There is a gentle slope on the way to the seat.
・After turning right through a narrow passage, you will soon find a tatami-mat seat on the right hand. There are two 21 cm height steps in front of that tatami-mat seat.

・ If you go straight along the aisle, there are several tables and chairs, and there is a large table in the back.

・ The toilet is on the left side of the passage. There are two private rooms on both sides of the sink.

・The toilet left side is a long and narrow space with a width of 72㎝.
・ The toilet right side is a slightly larger private room with diaper changing bed, with a handrail on the left side toward the toilet seat.
・Both side toilets are Western style with no steps at the entrance and sliding doors. There are slippers.